“ Breathless, 2017” at Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara / California

BLOOM Projects Exchanges Series:

Silvestre Pestana, Breathless

May 21 – August 20, 2017

Museum of Contemporary Art,Santa Barbara, California / U.S.A.

Bloom Projects Exchange Series: “Breathless” is the first solo exhibition of Silvestre Pestana, one of Portugal’s experimental art pioneers, at a U.S. museum.





Silvestre Pestana, Breathless @mcasantabarbara







“ today is last day to see the mixed media work of this brilliant pioneering artist in his first US exhibition that I curated together with Andre Sousa and Mauro Cerqueira @acertainlackofcoherence #silvestrepestana #breathless #aguasvivas#biovirtual #poemografias #mcasb #umacertafaltadecoerência @ Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara” by Brooke kellaway,  20/8/2017 – Instagram





Galeria Múrias & Centeno, 15 – 20 Maio, Lisboa_2017.

ANDRÓMEDA, NEURÓNIO IIIIIIII, 2017, instalação rizoma; 1+5 obras de neon modelado; 200 X 90 X 90 cm; series: 1 amarelo e 5 ciano e turquesa; 6 folhas de alumínio perfurado; 2 variadores de tensão automático com impulsos de 5 segundos; 4 folhas de vidro com 300 x 120 cm. Cortesia Galeria Múrias Centeno e Silvestre Pestana. Crédito fotográfico: Nuno Lopes.

Silvestre Pestana represented by Múrias Centeno at INDEPENDENT Brussels, 19 – 23 April, 2017.

“ ANDRÓMEDA, NEURÓNIO IIIIIIII, 2017                                                                            Cortesia Galeria Múrias Centeno e Silvestre Pestana. Crédito fotográfico: Nuno Lopes.


> outros,

60,000 Years of Art and Neuroaesthetics – Emanuel Pimenta 2017 in 2017,

architect and composer Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta gave a lecture at the magnificent flamboyant Gothic monastery of Batalha (14th century), in Portugal. It was a reflection on more than 60,000 years of art under the field of neuroaesthetics. After years studying Charles Sanders Peirce’s. Theory of Thought, Emanuel Pimenta has researched on this field since the 1980s. Created by Pimenta, this short film was an announcement piece of the lecture. Several artists referred in the lecture are not present in the short film, for obvious reasons.



> outros,

XIX Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira 2017 (PT),

15 Julho a 16 de Setembro, catálogo, página 266

XIX Bienal Cerveira 2017

“ NEURÓNIO IIIIIIII, 2017, instalação; 5 tubos de neon modelado; 200 x 90 x 90 cm; serie magenta e turquesa; folha de alumínio perfurado; variador de tensão automático com impulsos de 5 segundos; 2 folhas de vidro com 200 x 120 cm. © foto António Alves.



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